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In Java Virtual machine it is necessary to have a class loader subsystem. .class files are read and loaded with this class loader subsystem and it saves the bytecode in the JVM method area

Class Loader Subsystem


As the Class loader subsystem reads class files which are stored in the…

01. Collections

An array is an indexed Collection of a fixed number of homogeneous data elements. The Main advantage of Arrays is we can represent multiple values with a single variable. So that reusability of the code will be improved.

Arrays are fixed in size i.e. once create an array with some…


If we can execute several tasks simultaneously we call that concept multitasking. There are two types of multitasking.

2. Thread Based Multitasking

Process Based Multitasking

Process based multitasking is the execution of multiple tasks at the same time, each of which is a separate independent program (process).

Example : We…


Highways play an important and major role in making travelling easier and convenient. It enhances the transport system by reducing transport cost, travelling time by making transportation schedules and deliveries more timely and reliably. When it comes to the economy, highway transportation is really special and important. People who work…


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